Voice Over IP Telephone Systems

Making calls using IP is definitely the way of the future. Already, this technology is offering businesses many benefits.

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, provides greater flexibility as well as cost saving opportunities which can become considerable.

If your business has home workers, branch offices or international offices, our VoIP services ‐ backed by our superb levels of personal service and our extensive telephony experience ‐ are definitely worth investigating.

VoIP Systems provide the best features...

For Business

Telecoms Audit Bureau VOIP solutions offer many other advantages to your business. For example, our system
offers web‐based remote management of phones, users and features. You can view call statistics online, change voicemail settings, set up hunt groups and much more.
VOIP also offers all the benefits of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) without the cost. Fewer lines are required than with traditional copper wire solutions, while bundled features include call forwarding, call barring, voicemail and speed dialling.
You can use any area code: so, for example, if you wish to make calls from one location but make them appear as if they originate elsewhere, this can be done. This can also be used with non‐geographic numbers. Furthermore, you can port existing BT numbers to VOIP and take them with you if you move, even to another area code.

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For Homeworkers

More companies are allowing some of their employees to work from home, at least some of the time. This solution is good for both parties: your workers enjoy greater work/life balance, while you save on fixed costs associated with providing office services. Technology has now advanced to the stage where homeworking is practical and easy, allowing remote workers to connect to their desktop PC files, for instance. And VOIP adds to the benefits of this approach.
With VOIP, your home workers can make lower cost outgoing calls to any locations. And if your other sites also have a Telecoms Audit Bureau VOIP connection, those calls will be entirely free. Since calls to and from the office account for the majority of many homeworker calls, it's easy to see that this could represent a major saving for your business.

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For Branch Networks

If your business has a branch network or multiple office sites, connecting them up to Telecoms Audit Bureau VOIP means that those calls will be free too.

Calls will also be free to any other sites connected this way, so it makes sense to encourage your business partners, suppliers and the like to sign up too. Even when calling numbers not connected through VOIP, outgoing calls made on a VOIP system are still cheaper than traditional landlines.
The advantages of VOIP can even extend internationally. Some countries allow you to make free calls using this system.
For more information on which countries are connected in this way, contact us today.

Business VoIP Features

• Auto Anonymous Call Rejection
• Auto Attendant
• Voicemail/Voicemail to email
• Call Forward to internal/external destination
• Call Logging
• Call Pickup
• Call Recording
• Call Waiting
• Caller ID
• Conference room – up to 30 parties in a single conference
• Faxmail to email
• Hunt groups
• Music On Hold
• Remote and SIP Extensions
• Time of Day Routing
• Web Browser Administration

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