Don't let fraudsters cost you a fortune!

Telephone fraud is increasing with business customers falling victim to hackers out to make money.  Now, more than ever, businesses cannot afford to get caught out.

To help protect you against telecoms fraud, The Telecoms Audit Bureau Ltd offers Fraud Monitor.
The Telecoms Audit Bureau Ltd’s Fraud Monitor keeps a close eye on your calls and, if spotted, we will contact you to highlight potential frauds.
All customers will automatically be opted into this service, so if you do not wish to receive the service please complete the opt-out section below.

We strongly recommend all customers take advantage of our fraud monitoring service.  If you do not take this service, you will be liable for any fraudulent calls. Our Fraud Monitor costs only £1.99 per channel or line and provides cover of up to £2,000 excluding the first £250 per customer site.

Due to the distress experienced from a few of our clients, we have taken the decision to add the fraud monitor to your services. You may of course choose to opt-out and in so doing, accept the continued risk and cost of telephony fraud.  Should you wish to opt out, simply complete and return the opt-out option opposite, duly signed and any charges for Fraud Monitor made in advance will be credited on your next invoice and the service will be removed from your numbers.

Fraudsters can rack up bills of thousands of pounds in just a few hours if they gain access to your telephone services.  The Telecoms Audit Bureau’s Fraud Monitor gives you the potential to catch fraudulent activity sooner.

*Unless you ask The Telecoms Audit Bureau Ltd to restrict calls to all 09 premium rate calls, these are not covered (The Telecoms Audit Bureau Ltd provides call barring of all 09  and this service is free of charge upon request).

Top Tips to Avoid Telephone System Scams

Telecoms fraud continues to increase and the cost of taking no action to protect yourself is going up. Taking a few simple measures to safeguard your business could end up saving you thousands of pounds:

  • Make sure you change the security settings and passwords on your telephone system from the default or factory settings
  • Change voicemail and DISA (Direct Inward System Access) passwords regularly and protect them and your access codes from unauthorised use
  • Remove or deactivate any telephone system functionality you don’t need, including remote access ports
  • Never publish the remote access phone numbers that connect callers to  your voicemail system
  • Keep an eye on your monthly phone bills for anything that looks unusual
  • Carry out regular audits of your telephone systems including privileges and restrictions
  • Protect yourself with Fraud Monitor.  Fraud Monitor keeps a close eye on your account throughout the month and alerts you to any unusual activity when it happens
  • Set your own call alert criteria using email alerts which we can set up for you upon request
  • Ask us to restrict calls to premium rate 09 numbers