Non Geographic Numbers

Our Number Translation Services encourage potential customers to call you via a free or low-cost national number (e.g. 0800, 0844, 0845, 0871 etc.). In addition, these calls can be automatically re-directed according to pre-determined criteria.

  • Non-geographic number (NGN) services
  • Incoming call management - For SMEs, call centres, large corporations
  • Number translation services
  • Win more business via a free or low-cost 'national' number

Benefits you can't ignore:

  • By not publicising a local contact number, Number Translation Services create the perception that your business has a national presence
  • Customers/prospects are more likely to call you because there is little or no cost to them
  • Protect your brand reputation - route incoming calls in the most appropriate way, so that customers aren't left stranded, confused or de-motivated after making the effort to call
  • Improve effectiveness of your service by measuring and analysing what/when/how calls are diverted
  • Control the destination of your NGN number(s) using a secure web interface
  • Use this service in conjunction with other services, such as Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), Call Recording etc